Steve Vinen of Door & Window Maintenance Victoria is a highly qualified, fully insured expert technician, with ten years of experience in the field. Steve’s practical knowhow is backed up with a comprehensive understanding of techniques and components.

Steve founded Door & Window Maintenance Victoria eight years ago after spotting a gap in the market for a professional and reliable service catering specifically to door and window systems.

Manufacturers, handymen, carpenters and joiners are often unable or unwilling to rectify issues specific to doors and windows, yet there is a high demand for this type of service. Steve’s vision was to create a company that would provide an affordable, trustworthy and highly-skilled service in this area.

His extensive, first-hand knowledge of doors and windows across the entire spectrum means that Steve can quickly identify any issue that needs to be resolved and source the right components to complete the job.

Since founding Door & Window Maintenance Victoria, Steve has seen his business go from strength to strength. He prides himself on the exceptional levels of customer service he offers and the outstanding relationships he builds with clients.

With a quality service like this, it really is no wonder that Steve’s reputation is second to none. He is the first person his customers call whenever they have needs relating to doors and windows. And it’s not just his customers that are impressed … when his suppliers are asked to recommend an expert technician to fit their components, it is Steve’s name they suggest.

Need expert assistance? Steve’s your man! Want a free, no obligation quote? Call 0419 141 960 during business hours.