Are you experiencing problems when closing your door? Is it closing too quickly, too slowly or not at all? It sounds like an issue with your door closer …

At Door & Window Maintenance Victoria we can repair or replace a wide range of door closers, including:

  • Floor springs
  • Transom closers
  • Hinged, surface mount closers
  • Water closers for sliding doors

Whatever kind of door you have and whatever the issue, Door & Window Maintenance Victoria is here to help – from bi-fold doors to security doors, internal and external, timber and aluminium.

Ongoing use and general wear and tear can affect the way your door system operates. This can be dangerous and may pose a security risk to your property.

Whatever the job, Door & Window Maintenance Victoria provides a specialist service for domestic and commercial properties in metropolitan Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We identify the issues and select the very best replacement components.

 Our services include:

  • General servicing to ensure your door system is operating as effectively as possible
  • Repairing, replacing and installing locks, latches and handles to guarantee your security
  • Measuring, making, fitting, hanging and shaping new doors
  • Reshaping existing doors
  • Servicing and replacing hinges
  • Adjusting doors that have fallen out of alignment
  • Measuring, making, fitting and repairing fly screen doors
  • Servicing and replacing faulty components in bi-fold doors where folding has become a problem
  • Identifying the cause of and fixing leaks
  • Replacing faulty components on sliding doors including tracks, wheels and guides to ensure a smooth and easy sliding motion

When it comes to security doors, we also offer a range of refurbishment services, including:

  • Sandblasting
  • Undercoating
  • Powder coating
  • Replacing components such as handles, closers and locks
  • Re-meshing using standard mesh, stainless steel mesh, one way mesh, pet mesh, security mesh

Want to know more? Let’s talk! Call 0419 141 960 during business hours or email us for your no obligation quote.