Sash windows that won’t stay open? Maybe they have stopped lifting altogether? Are you having problems with broken ropes or sash balances?

Poor installation or balancing can result in heavy window panels that are stiff and difficult to move. At Door & Window Maintenance Victoria we can:

  • Replace sash balances to ensure a fluid sliding motion
  • Replace ropes or cords to ensure windows remain open
  • Ensure appropriate weights are fitted to make opening and closing as smooth and easy as possible

And it’s not just sash windows that we repair. Internal and external, timber and aluminium … whatever kind of window system you have, if there’s a problem we are here to help.

Ongoing use and general wear and tear can affect the way your window system operates. This can be dangerous and may pose a security risk to your property.

Whatever the job, Door & Window Maintenance Victoria provides a specialist service for domestic and commercial properties in metropolitan Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. We identify the issues and select the very best replacement components.

At Door & Window Maintenance Victoria we can:

  • Upgrade timber or aluminium for a ‘good as new’ finish
  • Repair, replace and install locks and latches to ensure optimum security and peace of mind
  • Replace window winders to allow for easy opening and closing
  • Retrofit louvre windows into existing spaces, changing how your windows look without the need to tear them out

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